Wanted to share a touching video from StoryCorps in remembrance of 9/11, one of the many stories about individuals who gave up their life that day. Check out more videos on their YouTube page. Advertisements

Dot: World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Animation

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen. What’s even cooler is that it was shot on a Nokia N8, the same kind of smartphones clinicians can use in developing countries to look at blood samples and diagnose diseases such as malaria. Thanks to Elaine for sharing this with me.

It’s Time for Taiwan

This reminds me why I love my hometown. Technically it’s not a town. It’s an island. But it’s a place where I proudly call home still. The memories and experiences I had in Taiwan have shaped who I am today. It’s instilled in me a love of foods ranging from shaved ice to stinky tofu. … Continue reading

Korea’s Got Talent

We’ve seen some pretty awesome talent on these kinds of shows around the world. There was Susan Boyle from Britain. Li Yu Chun singing Whitney Houston from Taiwan. But this story is perhaps the most incredible one I’ve heard. A 22-year old boy who grew up as a homeless orphan in Korea is now a … Continue reading

Change for a Dollar

Just wanted to share this video made by some awesome people at this organization called Ambassadors for Sustained Health. This powerful video shows in a creative way the impact of “just” a dollar.