Haiti After the Earthquake

I picked up this book just yesterday and it has re-sparked in me a passion for global health. I think recently I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected from the individuals I’ve professed to care deeply about – the poor suffering from disease. Maybe I should’ve done a service project this summer. Maybe I shouldn’t have … Continue reading

World AIDS Day 2010

Desmond Tutu pushed for it. Bono advocated for it. And just today George W. Bush wrote in the Washington Post that it’s a good idea. Who else do we need to come out and demand for more global AIDS funding? Today countless number of activists around the world took the streets to sound the call … Continue reading

South African Domestic Abuse Video

Just wanted to share this. Powerful stuff about a social experiment highlighting the neglect of domestic violence. Here is the article copied from The Huffington Post: “A South African advocacy group’s powerful ad about the realities of domestic abuse has become an Internet sensation, the Guardian is┬áreporting. Produced by People Opposing Women Abuse (or POWA), … Continue reading

Sound the Call for World AIDS Day

When I decided to make this video, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It began all too innocently, a meeting and some phrases thrown around such as “$50 billion for global AIDS” or “PEPFAR and Global Fund.” While I knew of its importance, I’ve never done much with HIV/AIDS in college. But … Continue reading

Finding “Our Thing”

Right now our class is trying to find “our thing.” The class of 2013 helped launch the new Center for Primary Care at HMS, and the class of 2012 sparked the implementation of the HMS conflict-of-interest policy. In the class of 2014, a few of us, starting in Student Council, have been thinking of initiatives … Continue reading