Why Elusions?

When I lived with drug addicts out in the countryside of Taiwan, I was inspired to listen and write about their stories. What I discovered in them was a very human experience of hope and suffering in a world maligned with structural problems of poverty and social injustice. Before I left, one of them asked if I could share their stories with other people because their voices were often ignored, silenced and suppressed. This became a turning point in my life.

The stories in this blog represent my journey in medicine. But they’re not only about medicine. And they’re not only about me. Because it is a journey that will take me through different phases and stops, I include in here anything that I have come across and found interesting. I am no expert and these stories are just my humble exploration and understanding of the people and communities around me.

I’ve never been the “blogging type” but I wanted to start a blog because I’ve realized that writing publicly is a good exercise. It forces me to be more reflective, attentive and precise in my thinking and ideas. You, as readers, hold me accountable to what I say and challenge and inspire me to be open and honest in my writing.

I’m not a writer. But I enjoy writing stories. “Elusions,” in addition to being a not-so-clever play on word of my name, is simply my way of sharing these stories with you.

3 Responses to “Why Elusions?”
  1. Sam Go says:

    You know, for some reason I never looked at this page on your blog before. Now I understand so much better why you call it “Elusions.” Kind of ironic, too, considering blogging is one of the most public ways of writing.

    I love your blog! I can tell you really love what you’re doing, and even writing about it!

  2. erick suen says:

    Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am not good at English words as I grew up in Taiwan not US. However, I am interested in language, especially Chinese,English and Japanese. My daughter used to go to Etymology study, she taught me a little bit. Elusion is a new word to me. I like to hear more about it from you if it is all possible. Illusions and Elusions, is it opposite? educate me please.

  3. Samyukta says:


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