Jubilee Project College Tour

I’m a fairly impulsive guy. So when we discussed the possibility of taking a Jubilee Project college tour in the fall, I was immediately like “yea let’s do it.” Our concert tour last spring gave us a taste of what it was like connecting and engaging with people. We treasured the moments of meeting each individual and felt that just sitting behind a computer making videos was not enough.

We wanted to foster genuine relationships and build community with our audience because we believe that to create social change, people need to come together. In a way, we also want people to see that we’re just ordinary dudes and that anyone who has the heart can take action to transform his or her own communities.

People have been asking me how I’m able to balance JP and med school. Let’s be honest. I don’t know what these next few months will look like and how I’ll be able to stay on top of school work. That’s a subject for another post. But for now, I’m grateful to have this opportunity to tour the country and look forward to meeting some awesome people.

Our tour is called the “Doing Good is Contagious” tour because we believe that doing good has a ripple effect. We hope to bring our videos and have a discussion with you about the importance of advocacy and how we can use social media to create social change. We’ll also be showing some of our videos, including our new medium-length film!

Below are the details of the tour. Please check back continually for updates as we’re still working on going to a few more schools:

9/17 – Rice University, Houston TX
Farnsworth Pavillion in the Ley Student Center

10/1 – youREACH at UNC, Chapel Hill NC

10/21 – Brandeis, Boston MA

10/22 – BAASIC at Harvard, Boston MA

10/29 – California (TBD)

11/5 – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL

11/10 – Clara C Concert Tour, Boston MA

11/12 – Clara C Concert Tour, NYC NY

11/19 – Baylor University, Waco TX


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