Steve Jobs’ Legacy in Health Care

By now you may have heard that Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple. No doubt his legacy will be tied with transforming not just computers and technology but also our way of life.

One of his lasting legacies, I believe, will lie in the health care world. With gadgets like iPhones and iPads, med students, clinicians and patients have a wealth of medical knowledge at their fingertips. You can look up drug information, consult surgical checklists, and even get an EKG reading. Although you can do all of that without iPhones and iPads, they have made it more accessible, portable, and fun.

Med schools are also adopting iPads. Many of my classmates are using iPads. Other more forward-thinking schools like Stanford and Yale have started giving iPads to their students. It enhances the education experience, saves money for the school, and is environmentally friendly.

Photo credit: Yale Daily Bulletin

The health care world traditionally has been slow to adopt technology. Just look at the electronic medical records system. It’s taken decades and even now the system still needs an overhaul. But hopefully technology, such as the iPhone and iPad, can be harnessed appropriately, productively, and empathetically to create a better patient experience.

Which is why I’m excited about the new Stanford hospital because it’s being designed by the same guy who designed the Apple Store! Here’s a peek of the vision behind the hospital:


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