My problem with weight management

Nutrition is perhaps one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributing factors to a person’s health and well-being, so naturally we’ve been given three afternoons to learn this stuff. Makes sense?

One of the things we learned today is something that I think explains my abnormal weight fluctuations from 175-200lbs every year. It’s called the set point, which essentially says that who we are dictates the range of weight that we’ll be in. In an experiment with mice, they showed that if you overfeed or restrict food, the body weight will eventually go back to a certain set point.

This is an interesting idea that takes away the blame from the individual and argues that the obesity problem is not a problem of willpower.

That’s not to say that changing your lifestyle won’t make a difference. But it does say that all diets appear the same in the end and that the solution to obesity may not be all about telling patients to eat in certain ways.

One Response to “My problem with weight management”
  1. erick suen says:

    AHA! You hit the nail right on the head. This is an issue long been neglected by the medical education authority,worldwide. So many doctors have so little knowledge on it, it is mind boggling!
    We are in the era of “life style” HEALTH CARE! The population over 90 has the highest rate of malnutrition due to various disease of health conditions. However, younger Americans are suffering from over-nutrition and obesity issues which cause many metabolic disorders later which greatly shorten their life span. Something to be aware of in the medical community. Your graph is impressive but we are not rats! There is more to it then eating habits. HA!

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