Letter of Hope

Our newest Jubilee Project video epitomizes our mission as filmmakers – to show that even in the midst of challenges, sorrows and tragedies, there is still reason for hope. Our 7 year-old actress might just as well melt your hearts, but her simple, pure faith is something that perhaps many of us can relate to and long for more of in our own lives.

Sometimes all we can do is hope. This is a story of a girl who chooses to believe in something greater than herself. We were inspired to write this story because of the hope we have in our father in heaven.

Every view raises money for a not-for-profit organization called Red Balloon. Their mission is to inspire people to help sick children through music. Learn more about them: http://www.projectredballoon.org

Anyone can become a sponsor of this video and donate 1 penny for each view this video receives through September 15. Sign up by emailing project.jubilee@gmail.com. You can also help this cause by spreading this video.


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