Welcome Back Elaine!

Elaine just got back from Cameroon, loaded with a lot of great stories, experiences and lessons learned. Reading her accounts has been inspiring and I’m glad that she had such a meaningful time there. You can check out the link to her blog (elainecoin.wordpress.com) but for now, I’ll leave you with a quote.

“Like the teacher who had been teaching children in Bamenda for over 20 years. Like Professor Tih, the founder of WINHEEDCAM, who is tackling poverty and sickness in Cameroon. Like the doctors who have left their homes in America indefinitely to build a new hospital in a nearby village. Like the mother who has taken out a loan and started up a business to give her children the opportunity to go to school.

Real change takes sacrifice. It takes commitment. It takes the guts to never give up.

It’s a lesson learned that real change – the kind that makes the world a better place for those around you – takes a lifetime of dedication.”

One Response to “Welcome Back Elaine!”
  1. Elaine Zhou says:

    Thank you for your constant encouragement. You are the very best =)

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