College Tour Kickoff

Sometimes I don’t understand why I do the things I do.

This was a good example. I left from Boston for New York City on Friday at 1:00pm for the Givology and M. Night Shyamalan event, got in at 7:00pm, and after the event I took the 1:00am bus back to Boston so that I could catch the 8:00am flight out to Denver. Originally I hadn’t planned on going to NYC, but it was a last-minute decision that boiled down to the reasoning that I was still young and school hadn’t started yet. 

But I got some good rest on the bus and the plane, and had enough energy in Denver for our Jubilee Project college tour kickoff at the UNAVSA conference (UNAVSA = the Union of North American Vietnamese Students Association). We showed some of our videos and gave a presentation on the use of social media to create social change. I won’t go into details here but you can find them on the Jubilee Project website.

In all honesty, I’m a bit anxious about this college tour in the Fall. It’s going to be during second year med school, which apparently is no walk in the park. I have literally 2 free weekends from September to December. And I certainly have never been on any tours, except that one time with my parents to Japan in 8th grade.

At the same time, however, if they’re anything like this past weekend, I think it’ll all be worth it. The energy and excitement of all 300 conference attendees, as you can see below, were incredible, and we now feel so blessed to be a part of the UNAVSA family.

One Response to “College Tour Kickoff”
  1. Brennan says:

    Wow, Eric…. I’m glad it went well. Would love to hear more in person soon.

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