Fast Food Medicine

I have a condition. Like most abnormalities, it may end up in the DSM-VI but for now I get to enjoy the freedom from stigmatization and medicalization.

Every year since Freshmen year of college, I gain 20 pounds in the winter and then lose all of that in the summer. It’s like some sort of yearly circadian rhythm as my body adjusts to the changes of the season. It’s why I’m not 300 pounds right now. It’s happened without fail every year…until this year.

I’ve gained 20 pounds but I also have not lost it all. I blame it on my laziness, but I also blame my surroundings. I don’t mind the food around here, but that’s a problem when my choices are fast food most of the time.

You would think that at a place with 3 major hospitals and hundreds of health professionals, you’d get a choice of healthier foods. Nope, instead right smack dab in the middle of everything is a food court with McDonalds, fast food Chinese, Sbarro, Dairy Queen, and more.

Of course all of this can be solved if I were more disciplined and cooked for myself. But it’s not about me. It’s about the hundreds of patients who come through here every day, and the quickest and most accessible meal they can get is fast food.

Today I walked to the food court for lunch. The temptation of a plate of orange chicken was strong but I’ve had enough. It’s time to lose those 20 pounds. It’s time to exercise more. It’s time to eat better. So what did I get? The healthiest thing there. A Subway sandwich.


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