4 More Days Left

My goal has always been to build a program that combined both a clinic and a school.

Even before I visited Codman Square Health Center, that was my dream. So when I checked out their program, I was like “you guys stole my idea!!” But of course they’ve been doing it for many years now.

I guess for me, it’s an inspiration that stemmed from my belief that to really improve the systems and structures creating cycles of poverty, you have to attack the root of the problem. Oftentimes, that problem lies in a lack of education that prevents people from getting the opportunities they need.

That’s why this campaign that we’re helping with The Supply means so much to me. This past month, for every view our video “Picture This” gets, 9 cents will be donated to help build a school in Kenya for orphans and slum children. Right now, there are 4 more days left in the fundraiser and the children there are asking for your help!


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