Codman Square Health Center

“We’re attacking the root of the problem, not the symptoms. Poverty is the real disease around here.”

I had the opportunity to visit a unique community health center in Dorchester the other day. What made Codman Square Health Center cool was not just the extraordinarily comprehensive care it provides, but also the fact that it had a school.

A legit high school with 150 or so students. In addition to learning the usual high school curriculum, these students also get a chance to learn more in-depth about health care related issues such as nutrition and obesity. They also have an opportunity to intern at the clinic during the summer and are exposed early on to medicine.

This was a healthcare center unlike any other I’ve ever seen. While most other clinics focus on improving its care directly, Codman Square Health Center focuses on improving its community. And as a result, it attempts to tackle the problem of poverty by providing education and raising up a generation that can break out of the cycle.

That’s what I feel is a main component to good, quality healthcare – a strong community dedicated to the well-being of its members and a community that no longer suffers from the marginalization and consequences of poverty.


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