Yay for New Theme

When I was at Universal Studios a couple weeks ago, I decided on a whim to see a psychic. Yes there was one in the park, right before you entered Harry Potter World.

Snow in 90 degrees weather?!

When I flipped over the cards that revealed my fate, one of them happened to be “writing.” The psychic told me that I should be writing more because it would bring me joy and that I can use it to create positive change.

Now I’m not one to believe in these things, but it does provide a nice story and excuse for me to write more. Whatever it is, I went on a binge today to completely revamp my site and clean up all my categories and links. I like this new theme for a few reasons:

1. I find the layout to be more visually appealing.

2. The feature function on the home page is pretty cool.

3. I like new themes. It reminds me when I first started to blog about a year ago and it makes me want to write more.

Do you like the new template? Let me know what you think!

One Response to “Yay for New Theme”
  1. Good new template! Your determined dedication is impressive

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