First and Last Summer

Coming back to campus the other day, I felt like I was coming home. It was a nice, familiar and comfortable feeling, which I think is a good sign that I’m not sick of this place yet.

At Harry Potter world after Elaine casted a confundus spell on me.

Taking our talents to South Beach. This was the day after our beloved Mavs won the finals.

In fact, I was genuinely looking forward to being back in my own bed and the small, cozy confines of Vanderbilt Hall Room 445. Things haven’t changed much. Sure there are a few couple of random people now living here, but it was also nice to see some familiar faces and walk downstairs to get a cup of iced coffee from Sami’s. It’s just like the school year except without the school. I could get used to this.

At the end of senior year, we made a pact to meet up every year for the rest of our lives. This year we decided to go to Dallas, Texas - my hometown.

What do people do for fun in Texas? Shoot guns of course.

Unfortunately this is also our only summer during med school, but that’s all the more reason to live to the fullest. We have about 9 weeks to enjoy whatever we want to do. Most people are spending the majority of that time either doing research or working on a service project and the rest of the time going home or vacationing. But in reality, all we want to do is play.

I spent the past two weeks in Florida, Texas and DC, first on a vacation with Elaine, then a reunion with my college buddies, and finally a shoot for our upcoming Jubilee Project mini-feature film.

We were lucky to have gotten a pretty sizable productions crew for our first 25 minute mini-feature film.

Nomination for most dangerous scene. For this one, I had to lean out of the window of a moving car.

What a week. We literally shot everyday from 8am to 2am non-stop. It was exhausting but hopefully well worth it. Thanks to everyone for helping out.


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