Last Week of School

Sorry for being MIA the past 2 weeks. We’ve been wrapping up our year which has consisted of an exam, a long paper, and integration of everything we’ve learned.

This entire week is called “Integration Week” in which we’re divided up into tutorial groups of 7-8 people and go over a case together by drawing on our knowledge from biochemistry, anatomy, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology, pathology, medical ethics, social medicine and epidemiology. It’s actually not as intimidating as it sounds and for the most part it’s a lot more chill than everything else this past year.

I hope to take some time in the near future to write more about my reflections on this past year so check back soon!

One Response to “Last Week of School”
  1. erick suen says:

    Hi Eric, Sounds like you had a splendid year in Harvard Med. school. Congrats!
    I have been busy living my ASH life, Abundant, Splendid and Happy. Hope you
    do the same and keep in touch. I saw your face on one of these little clips of
    Harvard lectures on “Ethics” , and in it you showed your hands when professor asked
    anyone who has a different opinion about “killing people by making right decisons
    that are not so popular”. I thought you are very brave and creative. erick

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