Jubilee Project Spotlight: Shane Battier on Education

We just released another video as part of our efforts to release a video a week. So far it’s worked out smoothly and this video is timely because of Battier’s big role in the NBA playoffs with the Memphis Grizzlies. While we filmed this video when he was still with the Houston Rockets, we believe the message he’s sharing remains true and constant.

At the Jubilee Project, one of our favorite NBA players is Shane Battier, who is a model for doing good. So when we had a chance to interview him, we took it and asked him about the issue that is most important to him: education. In this spotlight video, he talks about why education is so important to him.

As a leader on and off the court, Shane Battier firmly believes that the future of our youth rests in higher education. The Battier Take Charge Foundation, established by Shane and Heidi, is dedicated to providing resources for the development and education of underserved youth and teens. Check out his foundation at http://www.takechargefoundation.com

This video is part of the Jubilee Project’s spotlight series, to shine a light on ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their community.

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