Harvard Medical School of Fine Arts

For the past few months, our class had been preparing for this past weekend to welcome the incoming Class of 2015. As part of Revisit Weekend, the main event put on by our first year class was FABRIC, a cultural and talent show.

This time last year, I was still unsure which school I wanted to go to, but after attending HMS Revisit Weekend and watching FABRIC, I felt right at home. I was amazed by the diversity, passion and talent and a big part of me wanted to spend the next four years getting to know and being in this community.

This year’s show was just as, if not more, epic simply because we were doing it. Some of the acts included a Pan-African Dance, Gospel Choir, a great medley of Soulja Boy for “Crank that HMS,” a couple salsa and tangos, Bhangra, and a finale that culminated with the song “Dynamite.”

Many of my classmates sacrificed sleep, school and sanity to prepare for this show, but it was all worth it in the end. Our class came together and I hope that the love and energy in the air were able to help convince many of the prospective students that HMS was right for them.

There are a lot of pictures and videos out there that I want to share, but to avoid inundating you with everything, I’ll post a little something everyday.

For today, check out our Bhangra performance. It was my first time doing Bhangra and I had a blast. Thanks to Salman and Paula for leading and teaching us!


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