“Why I Sing” Music Video and Fundraiser for HepB

We’ve been waiting a long time to release this one but finally here is our first music video! If you like it, maybe we’ll keep making more of these.

Relationships don’t always have a fairytale ending. This is a music video about love’s inevitable let downs. It’s also a story about love that is unconditional; despite the bitter realities it faces, love is patient, love is kind, and love always perseveres. Produced in tribute to the Korean dramas we grew up watching on warm summer mornings.

The Jubilee Project produced this video to raise awareness and money for HepB Free (sfhepbfree.org). Three ways to help them fight this disease:
– Spread the love. Every time this video is viewed in the month of April, sponsors will each donate a penny to the organization.
– Become a sponsor by emailing project.jubilee@gmail.com and pledge to donate 1 penny per view in the month of April (remember, you can cap your donation).
– Download the song for a donation of your choice at http://jubileeproject.bandcamp.com.
All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to HepB Free to help them raise awareness about this disease, which affects 1 in 10 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Jubilee Project: If you like what you see here, follow us!




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