“Top Chef” Behind the Scenes

Today is the last day of our “Top Chef” fundraiser for relief efforts in Japan. Again, every view on this video donates 4 cents to World Vision so even if you’ve watched this video before, watch it again!

We also released our behind the scenes footage for “Top Chef,” featuring Arden Cho, Clara C, and Jennifer Chung. This video highlights our trip to LA back in early February, which funnily (wow that’s a funny word) was warmer there then than it is now in Boston. It was a jam-packed trip because we were only there for 2 days, but we got a lot done. We did the entire shoot in one day, went to church with Arden, did some editing, watched the Super Bowl, and saw my parents at the airport right before I took the red eye back. I enjoyed the trip because we had a chance to work with some talented artists and because we had a chance to eat at In-N-Out. While putting this video together, all the In-N-Out footage we had was making me hungry but sadly there is no In-N-Out here in Boston.

Here’s the video. I put in one of my favorite songs right now, “Rhythm of Love,” a cover by Joseph Vincent and Clara C. Hope you guys enjoy!


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