Medical Student By Day, Making Videos For a Good Cause By Night

What’s the best part about first year medical school? All that free time you get!

Of course I’m being partially serious, but I just wanted to throw this out there to dispel any myth and misconception that first year medical students study all the time. (note: I’m making a distinction between first year and the rest of medical school because they’re essentially two different worlds.)

The great thing about medical school is that you’re not only learning some pretty cool things, but you also have the time and flexibility to pursue other interests. We have three free afternoons every week, lecture videos are posted online, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pass/fail grading system. All of this makes me sound like a slacker, but my point is that many medical schools share these attributes because they want to foster students who can pursue outside passions, maintain their sanity, and stay in touch with the rest of humanity.

Unfortunately free time often doesn’t translate into actual free time. We still find a way to fill up our time with lots of other things. Among many of my classmates, there are people who spend time submitting papers for Nature, writing textbooks, training for triathlons, and starting up their own tech company.

To give you an idea of how much flexibility we have first year, this was my schedule on the weekends the past three months. I didn’t want to put this out because it felt egocentric, but I think it’s one example that helps make my point. I can also say for a fact that it’s not just me but many of my classmates also have similar schedules!

1/8: HMS Winter Formal

1/15: DC for Jubilee Project Retreat

1/22: New York

1/29: Ski Trip in Vermont

2/5: LA for Jubilee Project

2/12: New York

2/19: Madrid, Spain for Jubilee Project

2/26: New York for Jubilee Project Concert

3/5: BUCSA Concert in Boston; 2 year anniversary =)

3/12: Spring Break in Mexico

3/19: New York

3/26: Jubilee Project Concert in Boston

Medical School

Jubilee Project


Medical School and Jubilee Project

I know there are lots of people out there deciding on medical schools right now. I think one practical advice is to look for a place where you can continue pursuing interests perhaps not directly related to what you’ll be learning in medical school, whether’s it’s politics, business, technology, sports, music, etc. It’ll make you happier and may even help you relate better to your future patients.


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