Non-Profit Video Awards: Help Vote For The Jubilee Project

We just learned that our video “Beautiful” was selected as one of the 16 finalists out of 1,350 submissions for the YouTube Non-profit Video Awards Competition! If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here

The winning video of each category (we’re in the Thrifty video category with 3 other videos) will receive $2,500 and get the video featured on YouTube’s homepage. This is a great opportunity not just for The Jubilee Project but also for Becky’s Fund, the organization we partnered with, to raise more awareness to tackle domestic and dating violence.

The winners are chosen based on the number of votes received at this website: and voting ends Friday 3/11 at midnight. We would really love your help to vote for our video by indicating a thumbs up every day until Friday. In the end, they will tally the number of thumbs up minus the number of thumbs down to determine the winners.

Just as importantly, please also spread the word and tell all your friends, classmates, family, colleagues and acquaintances to help vote. Email them, post it on Facebook (you can share the link I have here), re-tweet it, etc. We really appreciate all of your support and encouragement!


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