BUCSA Takeout Goodwill Benefit Concert

This past Friday, The Jubilee Project did a show at the Boston University CSA’s Takeout Goodwill Benefit Concert (Twitter @boston_CSA) where we introduced what we did and presented some of our videos. The concert featured amazing performances by other Asian American artists, drew an audience of 2100 people, and raised over $4,000 for Goodwill!

"We make videos for a good cause."

1100 in the audience, 1000 more over live stream online!

We were so blessed and humbled by everyone’s support and love. We went into the concert without much expectation but received an overwhelming positive response from the audience.

JP boys

With Wong Fu Productions and David Choi. You guys are our inspiration!

In addition to Wong Fu Productions and David Choi, the concert also featured performances from the talented Joseph Vincent, Clara Chung, Jennifer Chung, afterschoolspecial, Jason Chen, Jason Yang, Magnetic North, Taiyo Na, and Janice Yan.

"I don't think we're famous enough yet to be giving out autographs."

Signing a camera O_O "Use that camera to do good things."

"We appreciate all of your support!"

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this before. I was feeling a mix of surprise, excitement, appreciation and undeserving. We were grateful for everyone’s support but at the same time The Jubilee Project is more than just about the three of us. We can’t do what we do without you. Our hope extends beyond showing videos and doing concerts. Our hope is that others can become inspired, empowered and enabled to make a difference in this world.

Since the concert we’ve been touched by emails, Facebook messages and Tweets people have sent offering encouragement and saying that they were inspired to pursue what they love to do good. Remember, doing good is contagious. Spread the love!


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