Third Space Magazine

Third Space is HMS’s literary magazine and they just came out with a new issue. Entries included narratives, photographs, satirical responses to questions, and poetry like this one:

Cadaver’s Quick Demise — by Salman Bhai

Feel the right lung
Spongy in the apex, rigid in the inferior lobe-pneumonia
That rattle, with each breath
echoes in my ears: old age
Congested dark purple settling blood
There must have been areas with dark patches:
worked and lived in a city
The heart, incision perpendicular to posterior interventricular sulcus to atrioventricular sulcus
Calcified coronary arteries, enlarged left ventricular muscle-myocardial infarction
Our walks together became shorter, quieter
Likely a quick death, immobile in last days, the instructor trailed, leaving the heart
He signaled to us, though He was a fighter
Slowly, with each daily cycle, He slowed
Searching for more air
To hold our hands while He lay
In our house, His bed.
Gargling call, answer with morphine, hospice explained
it’s not as painful as it sounds, He couldn’t explain with words,
only with a faint touch to His chest:
His heart stays
In my hands, I hold it

WordPress for some reason wouldn’t let me format the way the poem is supposed to look. But you can check it out here, as well as other great entries! My favorite section is probably “chief complaints” where satirical attempts are made to tackle “tough” questions about medical school, such as:

“I dislike my anatomy lab partner, but I dislike confrontation even more. Do you have any suggestions about how I can passive-aggressively voice my displeasure?”

or “I’ve been preparing for quite a considerable time to be a dermatology gunner. However, I recently realized that this specialty involved far too much, “Would you please allow me to part your buttocks so that I can inspect your perianal psoriasis?” and disappointingly little, “Don’t worry; we can get that blemish taken care of in time for your beauty pageant.” What should I do?”

or even “Recently, it has come to my attention that the world will end in 2012. I am currently on a trajectory that leads me to graduate in 2014. What should I do?”


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