Need a Gift Idea?

Five days until Christmas and you don’t know what to get Cousin Bob?

Does Cousin Bob have trouble waking up in the morning?

Check out some of these outrageous and creative alarm clocks that will sure wake up the deepest sleepers.

Once this device launches its flying propeller, you have to catch and click it back into place to stop the beeping. Not recommended for those with poor reflexes.

Every time you hit snooze, the SnuzNLuz clock connects to the Internet and donates $10 to your most-hated charity.

The Wake n’ Bacon starts cooking a strip of bacon 10 minutes before it sounds an alarm to give you that genuine jeez-my-room-smells-awesome/awful morning experience.

Unfortunately that last one, my personal favorite, doesn’t actually exist. You can check out some other great ones here.


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