HMS Second Year Show 2010

An annual tradition since 1907 – the HMS Second Year Show this year, called “Marginal Past,” was a hilarious, witty, and epic production. I was impressed by how talented the second years were in acting, singing and dancing and how they were able to pull this off on top of a full course load.

The story revolved around a first-year medical student named Bo Anderson who “only” marginally passed his genetics exam and decided to go back in time to take the exam again. Unfortunately the time machine took him all the way back to the creation of man and from there Bo goes on a journey through time, encountering various professors as their younger selves. Battling against the gunners of HMS in the 70s – Jeffrey Flier (current Dean of HMS), Jules Dienstag (current Dean of the curriculum), and John S. Hopkins – Bo saves the day, prevents the entire first year class from dropping out, and gets the girl. Oh, and he ends up passing genetics in the end.

My favorite quote of the night:

“You don’t know who I am??? I am John S. Hopkins. That’s John SERIOUSLY Hopkins. I’m going to go make a school where everyone has perfect MCAT scores, is as much of a gunner as me, and has NO fun.”

Here’s also a clip of one of the scenes, called “Bad Bromance,” featuring second years as Lady Gaga and our genetics professors. Story behind this is playing off the fact that our genetic professors, Joel Hirschhorn and David Altshuler, are inseparable to the point of being homosexual (not true btw). They were classmates, went through medical school together, do research together and now teach together. Enjoy! And congrats to the second years, HMS class of 2013, for an awesome show!

One Response to “HMS Second Year Show 2010”
  1. jaxie says:

    haha! great choreography! i can’t believe HMS made a joke about perfect mcat scores -_-‘

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