So Do You Guys Study All The Time?

No one ever seems to believe me when I say that medical school is fun.

Recently I’ve been getting some referrals from SDN (Student Doctor Network), so I wanted to write posts that would help people interested in medical school get a better feel for what it’s like. One question that I seem to get frequently is “so do you guys study all the time?” The answer, I think, is yes and no.

Sure there are times when it’s stressful, busy and overwhelming, especially around exam time, and medical students are constantly busy with school and extracurriculars. Sometimes, on the good days, I secretly do enjoy the work. But luckily, I feel like HMS does a good job putting together a diverse class that, more importantly, knows how to have fun. I think it’s integral to how we operate, our sanity, and our cohesion as a class.

To provide hard evidence, here is a typical email sent out every Friday/Saturday.

Friday November 5, 2010:

Hey HMS Family,
The weekend is finally here! As you’ve read through the listserv emails over the last week there’s a handful of amazing events going on tonight and there’s a little something for everyone. You already know what I’m going to say but I’ll say it anyway 😀 : It would be best if we kept the class together tonight because that’s when the real fun happens, but no sweat if you can’t make it out tonight, you’re stuck with the rest of us for the next 4+ years anyway :)! Here’s what we’re thinking..

Start it Classy with Julia and Mike Unplugged at the Wine and Cheese (8pm-9pm at JBM)

Take it to a new level in Brookline for Guy Fawkes with the beautiful ladies Karolina and Anna (until 10pm at 1151 Beacon Street, Apt 2)

Finish strong with the second year class for Lekha’s Bday party at Down Ultra Lounge FREE BEFORE 10:30 (184 High Street) OR       A Brookline Club like Tequila Rain or some dive in the vicinity.

Bottom line is wherever we go, we take over. We know this. C/O 2014 LETTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

-Alister Francois Martin



The kind of fun we have is also diverse. Aside from going out on weekends, we hold regular potlucks/dinners, play intramural basketball or soccer, watch TV shows and sports games, and go to concerts and performances. We have several school-wide events coming up in the near future, such as the annual Harvard-Yale football game, a holiday party, and a winter formal. And just last week over Veterans Day, a few friends and I took a trip up to Maine and went hiking.

With a final exam coming up next week in Anatomy, all I can say is that I’m thankful to be around people who know how to work hard and keep me focused and also know how to kick back and have some fun.

One Response to “So Do You Guys Study All The Time?”
  1. jenny says:

    Found your blog when looking under tags mine was listed under; it’s nice to see that you’re having some fun during med school. Haha, something I need to do more 🙂

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