Broken Promises Kill

“Fund Global AIDS. Broken Promises Kill!”

I have never been the rally-type, but this month I’ve participated in two rallies to increase funds for HIV/AIDS, first against Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and just this past weekend against President Barack Obama when he came to Boston for a Democratic Convention rally. We were booed and tossed out by the police, but not before we generated media headlines across the nation (e.g. CNN). Why do we do this?

Because President Obama has fallen short of fulfilling his promise to increase funding $1 billion more each year for HIV/AIDS (Desmond Tutu in NYT on July 20, 2010).

Because without this amount, millions will be left without care (Editorial in NYT on October 17, 2010).

Because even though President Obama “has increased AIDS funding,” it still falls short of the amount needed to sustain the Global Fund and get other nations on board (Global AIDS Alliance).

Here’s a footage that I took in the middle of the rally, which was pretty chaotic so forgive my bad angles.

Here’s another one of us outside the convention center.

Thanks to all the supporters who came out from Dartmouth, Harvard College and HMS. We will continue rallying!

One Response to “Broken Promises Kill”
  1. jaxie says:

    i see you nandini and nworah! 🙂 Thanks for the update and keep up the energy guys, let us know how other med schools can help and support.

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