HAAAA Elevate Pitch Competition

Yesterday we presented The Jubilee Project at the Elevate Pitch Competition hosted by the Harvard Asian American Alumni Association (HAAAA) as one of the eight finalists out of an original pool of 106 contestants. Although we didn’t end up winning one of the three Grand Prizes, I was impressed by the sheer creativity and innovation of the other competitors. Here were the three winners:

1. Fenugreen – they’ve developed essentially a piece of material that looks like a napkin that prevents perishable foods from spoiling, offering a potential solution for global food shortages: http://www.fenugreen.com/

2. Diagnostics One – Samuel Sia, a professor at Columbia, has created a portable, cheap and cost-effective microchip to test and analyze blood tests for diseases and infections for developing countries: http://news.columbia.edu/record/2189

3. Secret Court of 1920 – New York Times bestselling author Jennifer 8. Lee and Sundance award winning filmmaker Mynette Louie are planning to direct a movie about a Harvard Crimson reporter’s discovery that Harvard purged an underground ring of gay students through a secret tribunal in 1920.

These three Grand Prize winners, along with the other finalists, made up a very impressive and diverse group of individuals, and I feel lucky to have met them and all the other judges and coordinators. We at The Jubilee Project received a ton of great feedback and this competition has allowed us to refocus our efforts and to think about impacting not just hundreds of people but millions of people.

One Response to “HAAAA Elevate Pitch Competition”
  1. grace says:

    hey eric! one of the girls who developed fenugreen (kavita shukla) went to my high school! she was three years my senior, so i never got to know her really well, but it’s amazing that she’s still working on something she started researching so long ago… almost a decade now 😀 small world.

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