Hub on Wheels

If you love biking, then you’ll love Hub on Wheels.

My friend Salman and I woke up extra early this past Sunday to participate in Boston’s annual Hub on Wheels event. According to their website, Hub on Wheels is Boston’s largest city-sponsored sporting event with thousands of people participating each year. The entire ride is supported and safe, with volunteers spaced out along the routes to direct you where to go. There are three routes, a 10 mile, 30 mile or 50 mile route, that take you all around Boston with even a few streets, such as Storrow Drive, shut down and car-free.

Salman and I elected to take the 50 mile route, which took us from City Hall down to the outskirts of Dedham and back. Even after being in Boston for four years of undergrad, I discovered many parts of the city I never knew existed, such as a beach and some gorgeous trails and parks. The energy, excitement and amount of free food were astounding. The ride was a lot of fun and it was also for a good cause as our registration fees went towards this organization called Technology Goes Home, a technology training program serving inner-city families through the Boston Public Schools. I was pretty tired by the end and my legs were sore, while for Salman, who is a triathlete, this was more like a warm-up.

Getting ready for the ride

Car-free Storrow Drive. This doesn't happen very often.

Beautiful view of the city

We made it!


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