Introduction to the Profession

Summer camp is over.

Although school officially started two weeks ago, I felt like during this time I was at a summer camp for med school students. “Introduction to the Profession,” the course we took the past two weeks, gave us a taste of what it was like being a doctor. We shadowed a doctor, interviewed a patient, went through a case study, learned how to take vital signs, practiced giving care to a simulation man, and discussed professionalism and codes of ethics.

These brief, hands-on experiences made me felt like I was a little kid playing doctor. For someone like me who has had minimal exposure to doctors and hospitals, I learned a lot, such as taking blood pressure, and appreciated the breadth and depth of the discussions.

Who knew that med school can be so fun? Classes lasted all day but the days were far from over. The past two weeks were exhausting not from studying but from going out everyday, whether it was for an ice cream social, square dancing, or playing volleyball. All of these events were organized by the second-years and they were a great way for us first-years to get to know each other.

Unfortunately these events are over. Playing doctor is over. It’s now time to work and study. This week we started a course called “The Molecular and Cellular Basis of Medicine” and I can already tell that the pace will be fast and frantic.

Summer camp is over. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over.

Chefs hard at work

Our weekly Diversity Dinner

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