First Week Impressions

“What year are you?”

“I’m a 5th-day medical school student.”

Just because I’ve been doing “doctor-y” things and have a new spiffy white coat doesn’t mean I actually know anything about medicine. That fact became painfully obvious this past week. I saw patients at a hospital and went through a case study of a patient with HIV/AIDS in tutorial, which made me realize that a) I don’t know a lot about medicine specifically medical terminologies and b) I feel like many of my classmates know a lot more than I do (at least the ones in tutorial). Anyone else didn’t know what PCP was? I guess that’s why I’m in med school.

Luckily this past week had a lot more positives than negatives and I will recount some of my first impressions after one week of med school.

– My classmates are AWESOME. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, cooler and funner group of people to spend the next four years with. It’s only been a week but I’ve already had many memorable hang outs and conversations with people about everything ranging from social justice to triathlons.

– I’m becoming more proficient at cooking dumplings. Food is probably the biggest downside here at HMS. The food in the cafes and surrounding restaurants are not anything worth noting, except for perhaps the Indian food at the public health school. Fortunately I have a ton of frozen dumplings in my fridge.

– Who knew that med school students know how to have fun? We’ve gone sake bombing, karaoking, bar golfing/hopping, and tonight we have a mixer between the 1st and 2nd year students. As a result of going out every other night, my voice has been hoarse everyday this past week.

Taking over the M2 shuttle on route to some bars. Party bus!

– Learning about HIV/AIDS was cool. Learning from the guy who pioneered the discovery of HIV was even cooler.

– Did I mention that my classmates are talented? We have dancers, musicians, artists, athletes, chefs, and people who spent time working in Peru, Honduras, Malawi and many more other countries. In the words of a second-year student, “You meet this guy who seems like your average Joe, very ordinary, nice guy. And then you find out that he spent the last two years in Africa delivering babies!”

Out of all of this, I think what I’ve enjoyed the most so far is getting to know my classmates.

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  1. beerg888 says:

    Wow sounds great start !

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