White Coat Ceremony

Yesterday I got my white coat.

Today I walked into a hospital the first time in a white coat.

It’s been a surreal past 2 days because for medical school students around the country, the white coat ceremony marks their entrance into the medical community of physicians. The white coat signifies great power and at once great responsibility. It’s amazing to think about how a piece of clothing can command such attention. People see you and behave differently around you.

I admit that it felt pretty cool walking around in my white coat. More importantly I felt grateful and humbled to have shared in the lives of the patients I interacted with. As I was shadowing a primary care physician and interviewing a patient today at MGH (Mass General Hospital…aka Man’s Greatest Hospital…=P), I met someone who just got out of prison 4 weeks ago, a blind man in his 80s, and a man suffering from alcoholism. The stories I heard were rich, powerful and touching. There’s something about this white coat that elicits such a response from others and my hope is to cherish these stories with a sense of moral responsibility and professionalism.

However at the end of the day white coat or no white coat, we are still kids at heart.

One Response to “White Coat Ceremony”
  1. Liz says:

    Hey Eric, I can’t believe I only discovered your blog now! I’m not a blogger myself, and I have never been a regular subscriber to anyone’s blog. But you’ve changed that! 🙂 Keep up all your thoughtfulness, and enjoy med school.

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