Introducing The Jubilee Project

What began as a whim to busk in a New York City subway station soon developed into an idea of using videos to change the world.

My good friend Jason Lee started The Jubilee Project with just a Flip camera in one hand and a big dream in the other. His first video, called My Hundred for Haiti, featured him and his friends singing in a New York City subway station and they ended up raising $760 for Haiti earthquake relief. Other videos soon followed that included running a marathon for Team World Vision, walking a day without shoes, and donating hair to kids suffering from Leukemia.

What drew me to The Jubilee Project was first, a chance to work with passionate people like Jason and his brother Eddie, and second, an opportunity to make videos for a good cause. At a time when the power of social media (like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) is on the upswing, there is an opportunity to harness this force to address some of our community’s most pressing issues.

That’s where The Jubilee Project comes in.

Our newest short film is called “The Waiting Game.” For every view we get, we will donate 30 cents to Liberty in North Korea’s The Hundred campaign, which seeks to rescue 100 North Korean refugees. Until August 8th, you can become a sponsor to donate 1 penny per view that we receive on “The Waiting Game.” So far we are over 8,000 views and have raised at least $1,700! By simply clicking on the video below, you are helping our cause.

We are trying to get off the ground with more and better videos to come. The premise is the same. We will use these videos for a good cause, but we need your help. Please support us by watching our videos, sharing them with your friends, and subscribing to us on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. You can also check out our website for more information at

We are also hoping to partner with people to make videos. It’s a fun way to make entertaining videos that showcase extraordinary things people are doing everyday in our very own communities. Hit us up if you have a great idea!

JP love.


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